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LOMY SKIN™ Sonic Cleansing Brush

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Our LOMY SKIN™ Sonic Cleansing Brush is what you need to clean your face like never before.

Using an advanced and powerful combination of Sonic vibrations and LED Light Therapy technology, Lifting massager and Temperature sensorThis revolutionary 4-in-1 cleansing brush is the tool used daily that will dramatically transform your skin's youthful appearance in a matter of weeks by reducing fine lines & wrinkles.

LED light therapy aggressively clears up acne and regenerates skin cells creating the most vibrant & healthy-looking complexion.

The brush will also generate powerful vibrating sonic waves which helps remove dirt from your skin and pores thus giving you a deep cleanse!

Features :

Sonic Cleansing Technology: 8000/ min Hz Feel the perfect combination of power and mildness. 

LED Light Technology: 

Blue Light:

Used to treat acne and shrink pores 

Purple Light:

Promote Lymphatic drainage, releasing toxins and waste from the skin.

Red Light:

Used to treat wrinkles and enhance regeneration of collagen.

Built-In Warm Massage System:

Deep & Soft Cleansing: It can effectively remove cosmetics residues, cutin, dead skin cells, acnes and dark head and diminish pores. With 12 adjustable strengths, it is suitable for different ages and skin types.

Silicone Material: The Face Brush is covered in ultra-soft, food-grad silicone bristles that are nonabrasive and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

Safe & Secure: IPX7 waterproof makes the Exfoliating Cleansing Brush fully usable in the shower or bath. USB wireless charging is more safe and small size makes it convenient for carrying.



Wireless Charging & Super Long Standby Time: It is available for two months by charging for three hours. Brand new inductive type charging and seamless assembly truly realize IPX7 water resistance and guarantee safe use. High-quality rechargeable lithium. 

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