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LOMY SKIN™ LED Rejuvenation Wand

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Great skin doesn’t just happen.

That’s why we created the LOMY SKIN™ LED Rejuvenation Wand, Our device uses a state of the art LED light therapy to help fight a variety of skin issues. This wand helps in treating acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and many other skin conditions, With its handheld design, you can use it with ease wherever you are .

The LOMY SKIN™ LED Rejuvenation Wand is designed to easily achieve Clearer and Smoother skin with the push of a button.

With a little time and patience, this powerful light therapy device will have you sporting a smoother forehead, softer cheeks, and brighter eyes fast—giving you the confidence to conquer any situation.

It features 3 Different Technologies: Radio Frequency Energy, High Frequency Massage and Light therapy, that let you quickly customize the treatment, making it a must-have for anyone serious about better looking skin.

The Light Therapy works in 5 LED Color Modes, depending on your goal:

RED LIGHTis used to treat wrinkles skin and enhance the regeneration of collagen and skin elasticity.

BLUE LIGHTis used to treat acne and oily skin.

GREEN LIGHTis used to treat dark spots or discolored skin by working to prohibit the overproduction of melanin.

YELLOW LIGHTis used to brighten the skin. It is suitable for skin with dark spots and dull areas.

PINK LIGHTis used to whiten the skin


How To Use Our LOMY SKIN™ LED Rejuvenation Wand :

Step 1: Ensure device is charged (3 hours for the first use)
Step 2: Clean skin and apply a moisturiser or serum.
Step 3: Press POWER once to turn on. Press POWER again to increase Intensity up to level 5. Press POWER after Level 6 to turn OFF. Start on a low intensity level and increase gradually.
Step 4: Press LED SEL to rotate color function, depending on your goal.
Step 5: Move the device slowly from bottom to the top of your face and from inside to out. Gently massaging your face with the device for 10 minutes - 3 x per week.
Step 6: Device will shut off automatically after 10 minutes of use.

Note: Skin may feel warm while using, this is normal.
Ensure skin stays moist while using, apply more serum if needed.
Ensure all 4 metal heads are ON skin when using.
Looking for answers to some questions ? Check our FAQs page 

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